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  • 06/21/13--10:49: Basil Gogos (artist)
  • Basil Gogos is an illustrator best known for his striking, often colourful portraits of movie monsters which appeared on the covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine in the 1960s and 70s. Basil Gogos was born to Greek parents in Egypt and his... Read More ›

    mondozillaImageImagephibesMan's Action, Feb. 1960. Cover by  Basil Gogos-8x6Man's Epic - 1972 04 April - Basil Gogos cvr-8x6vinceeeriefamousmonstersbridechrisdracexorcistwolfstampmummymonsterloningridkongmanwholaughedgodzmondozillaImageImagephibesMan's Action, Feb. 1960. Cover by Basil Gogos-8x6Man's Epic - 1972 04 April - Basil Gogos cvr-8x6vinceeeriefamousmonstersbridechrisdracexorcistwolfstampmummymonsterloningridkongmanwholaughedgodz

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    This Magazine is Haunted was a horror comic originally published by Fawcett between 1951 and 1953. Running fourteen issues, it was the first of Fawcett’s supernatural line; a string of titles which included Beware! Terror Tales, Worlds of Fear, Strange Suspense Stories, and Unknown Worlds. Created by Sheldon Moldoff and... Read More ›


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    Undead Evil is a digital comic book released by Asylum Press on all digital platforms on July 17, 2013. Undead Evil is the tale of Alfred Carter and his attempt to save his estranged family from a centuries old Voodoo... Read More ›


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  • 07/27/13--05:22: Terror Tales (pulp magazine)
  • Terror Tales was the name of two American publications: a pulp magazine of the weird menace genre, and a horror comic in the 1960s and 1970s. Terror Tales was originally published by Popular Publications. The first issue was published in September 1934. One of the most successful horror magazines, it was joined... Read More ›

    mondozillaterror tales village of the dead satan's roadhouse5-121-124-146-114-111-112-11-143-142-133-141-136-155-113-144-138-129-1mondozillaterror tales village of the dead satan's roadhouse5-121-124-146-114-111-112-11-143-142-133-141-136-155-113-144-138-129-1

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  • 08/11/13--13:00: Sukia (comic book)
  • Sukia was a vampire-themed fumetti Italian comics series by Renzo Barbieri and Fulvio Bosttoli published by Edifumetto from 1978 to 1986 over 153 issues. In the series Sukia faces people or creatures who are trying to do some form of harm to the world or other. Sukia is displayed as... Read More ›


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    Creepy was an American horror-comics magazine launched by Warren Publishing in 1964. Like Mad, it was a black-and-white newsstand publication in a magazine format and thus did not require the approval or seal of the Comics Code Authority. The anthology magazine was initially published quarterly but later went bimonthly. Each issue’s... Read More ›


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  • 08/26/13--04:46: Bubba the Redneck Werewolf
  • Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is a 2013 American horror comedy film adapted from Mitch Hyman’s comic book of the same name. The film is being directed by Stephen Biro and produced by Unearthed Films, And You Films and Two Rubbing Nickels Ltd.... Read More ›


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  • 10/01/13--08:32: Godzilla (Marvel comics)
  • From 1977 through 1979, Godzilla starred in a 24-issue run of comics written by Doug Moench, drawn by Herb Trimpe, and published by Marvel Comics entitled Godzilla, King of the Monsters. The series thrusts Godzilla completely into the Marvel Universe. In a nod to King Kong vs. Godzilla, the... Read More ›


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    Relatos de Presidio (‘Tales from Prison’) is a popular “sensacionales” Mexican comic with horror and crime themes aimed at adults. Published by Editorial Toukan (and running to over 800 issues), the far from politically correct artwork and stories in Relatos de Presidio feature... Read More ›


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    The Gorbals Vampire is an all-encompassing term which refers to the events in a Glasgow graveyard in 1954. Reportedly stemming from a 1953 edition of ‘Dark Mysteries’ comic, featuring a story called ‘The Vampire with the Iron Teeth’, dozens, if... Read More ›


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  • 12/09/13--15:23: Zora la Vampira (comic book)
  • Zora, the vampire, better known as Zora la Vampira is an Italian comic book erotic character. The first comic book was published in 1972. Her physical appearance is partly inspired by Catherine Deneuve. The comic book artists who created the character are Giuseppe Pederiali and Balzano Biraghi. The... Read More ›


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    X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula is a four-issue comic book limited series published in 2006 by Marvel Comics. The series was written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Clayton Henry and was collected into a trade paperback in October 2006. One is a villain that has been plaguing civilisation... Read More ›

    mondozillaXDRAC001002scolX-Men_Apocalypse_vs_Dracula_Vol_1_3x-men apocalypse dracula #4mondozillaXDRAC001002scolX-Men_Apocalypse_vs_Dracula_Vol_1_3x-men apocalypse dracula #4

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  • 01/01/14--06:59: Eerie Comics (comic book)
  • Eerie Comics was a one-shot full-colour, 52 page horror comic book dated January 1947 and published by Avon Periodicals as Eerie #1. Its creative team included Joe Kubert and Fred Kida. The contents comprised six full-length horror feature stories and a two-page humorous tale. It holds the distinction... Read More ›


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    Eerie Publications was a publisher of black-and-white horror-anthology comics magazines. Less well-known and more downscale than the field’s leader, Warren Publishing (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella), the New York City-based company was one of several related publishing ventures run by comic-book artist and 1970s magazine entrepreneur Myron Fass.   Titles published during their... Read More ›


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  • 02/01/14--15:17: Orror (comic)
  • Orror (Italian: ‘horror’) was an Italian ‘adults only’ fumetti comic book published in two different series in the late 1970s. For the first series, publishers Edifumetto issued 21 issues from June 1977 to May /1978; for the second series, 6 issues were issued in 1979. As... Read More ›


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    Legend Horror Classics was a British magazine published by Legend Publishing and which ran for thirteen issues between 1974 and 1975. The magazine was very much a second fiddle imitation of Monster Mag, being a format that opened out to feature... Read More ›


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  • 02/17/14--12:55: Emanuele Taglietti (artist)
  • Emanuele Taglietti (born in Ferrara, January 6, 1943) is an Italian designer, illustrator and painter. Born to an artistic father, Emanuele Taglietti graduated from his local art institute, then moved to Rome where he studied set design at the Experimental... Read More ›

    (n. 74, settembre 1980)mondozilla(n. 74, settembre 1980)wal04(anno I, n. 15, dicembre 1978)n. 67 (gennaio 1981)Conan el embalsamador copia(versione spagnola del precedente)470789_134324213358589_199364171_o11Emanuele-Taglietti-07n. 10 (ottobre 1978)super Sukia 3 del 1983 copiasuk02n. 8 (giugno 1985)(n. 71, dicembre 1980)n. 62 (marzo 1980)suk03n. 6 (agosto 1978)cim07457656_142980262492984_1793582356_o01(n. 17, gennaio 1979)4n. 28 (gennaio 1984)(n. 27, luglio 1982)17bjUaZIII serie, n. 15, dicembre 19742322(n. 74, settembre 1980)mondozilla(n. 74, settembre 1980)wal04(anno I, n. 15, dicembre 1978)n. 67 (gennaio 1981)Conan el embalsamador copia(versione spagnola del precedente)470789_134324213358589_199364171_o11Emanuele-Taglietti-07n. 10 (ottobre 1978)super Sukia 3 del 1983 copiasuk02n. 8 (giugno 1985)(n. 71, dicembre 1980)n. 62 (marzo 1980)suk03n. 6 (agosto 1978)cim07457656_142980262492984_1793582356_o01(n. 17, gennaio 1979)4n. 28 (gennaio 1984)(n. 27, luglio 1982)17bjUaZIII serie, n. 15, dicembre 19742322

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  • 02/19/14--16:47: Shako (comic strip)
  • “This is no cute and cuddly polar bear. He’s a blizzard of white hot horror, the terror of the frozen wastes, he is SHAKO – and he is death!” Shako was a horror comic strip published in legendary British weekly... Read More ›


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  • 02/21/14--11:09: The Unseen (comic book)
  • The Unseen was a short-lived pre-Code Authority comic book published by Standard Comics, owned by Ned L. Pines. Comprising 36 pages the artwork for The Unseen was by the likes of Abe Simon, Mike Roy, Gene Fawcette, George Roussos, George Tuska and Alex... Read More ›


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  • 03/02/14--14:50: Scream Inn (board game)
  • Scream Inn is a horror themed board game, first produced in the UK by Strawberry Fayre from 1974. Scream Inn was a a comic strip that ran in British weekly Shiver and Shake during 1973-74, and this game – only vaguely... Read More ›


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